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Chamber Compositions
In Memorium
Wind & Ice

Symphonic Compositions
Whether or Not

Solo Compositions
Sara, Themes and Variations
The Fabric of Everyday Life

ElectroAcoustic Compositions
Sands of Time
Etude for Cymbal/Computer

Soundscores for Dance

Welcome to DierkerMusic

The website of Composer, L.A. Dierker

The compositions you will hear at this site fall within the genre of art music (often referred to as"classical" music), and are inspired by the world of rural New England.

Life in such an environment is rich with imagery, visual and aural; imagery that prompts many feelings. Music, in its ability to convey and elicit emotions, is an excellent vehicle for sharing such experiences.

I hope that as you listen to these compositions, moments of life caught in time, you will share with me, not only the musical moment, but the joy, sadness, humor, and beauty of life as we know it.

Responses and inquiries are welcome.